Julianne Kay b.1/21/1971

Julianne's Journal

Questionnaire Answers

What was your childhood nickname?
Motor Mouth, Julie, Jules

Any current nicknames?
Jules, Marie

What was your first paying job?
Babysitting James and Nicholas Hamilton when I was eleven
What is your current career?
What was the best job you ever had and why?
In college I worked at the Performing Art Center on campus. I got to see shows for free and I worked with some of my best friends (Todd, Teri, Sunshine, Jennifer and of course Carl).
Where did you go to college?
University of WI at Green Bay
What did you study in college?
I was a literature major and a human development minor, but I took a huge amount of theatre and dance classes. One of my theatre professors thought they made a mistake at graduation when they announced me as a lit major because I took so many theatre classes!
What extracurricular activities did you participate in during high school/ college?
In high school I took some photos for yearbook. In college I was a student rep, PR director and Vice President of Housing Council over the course of three years. I was a co-founder of DanceWorks, a student org for dance and I was the secretary of Alternate Theatre where I also worked behind the scenes on tons of productions.
How did you meet your spouse?
I don't have a spouse
Who was your best friend as a child?
Karla Christiensen, Dawn and Sam Hajek. When I was very little I lived close to all of them, then I moved a couple miles away and eventually Karla moved to Rockton and Dawn and Sam moved out into the country and I saw all of them less and less.
Who is your best friend now (spouses excluded)?
Andrea- we became best friends my senior year of high school, although I had known her since she was about 3 years old.
Tom- we met in college and he was always willing to go see Pat McCurdy with me! We talk on the phone all the time and he loves to call me Marie, so I call him Donny!
What is your favorite food?
I love shrimp. I could eat shrimp every day!

What food do you absolutely detest?
Peas still make me want to throw up!